From police reform to voting rights, there are a wide range of issues which need our advocacy help. We organize issue-based campaigns to impact public policy from the perspective of minority millennials and Gen Z.

Civic Education:

We provide forums for Minority Millennials and Gen Z to network, problem solve and obtain advice on critical issues facing their professional & personal development. We also work to educate non-minorities on the issues facing today’s minorities and how to increase diversity and allyship.

Workforce Development:

Our members benefit from taking part in committees, educational programs, career resources, research capabilities, mentoring opportunities, and business advisory services to empower them to build wealth and become economically equal.


Countless studies have proven that diversity in the workplace leads to higher levels of innovation and profits. For businesses looking to improve diversity in the workplace and the benefits that come with it, we provide recruitment resources and education.

Economic Development:

We foster and nurture the entrepreneurial ideas of our demographic and help them access the capital they need to build a business. We also develop targeted initiatives that promote equitable economic policy and financial literacy to build new generational wealth. By providing these foundational tools, we help to close deep-rooted racial wealth gaps and create new economic freedom.