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Message From Our Founder

As an organization, we recognize that on Long Island as well as across the world, the minority is the new majority. The rapid growth of the minority population on Long Island shows no sign of slowing down. Yet, minority populations are still underrepresented and underfunded. We strongly believe all Long Islanders deserve access to good paying jobs, truly affordable housing and economic opportunity through transparent, community-led development. Our motto is “Proof of Progress”; this is why we advocate for leaders to expand their perspectives and fully understand both the internal and external forces that shape communities of color.

Recently, it has weighed heavy in my heart to commit to a weekly email newsletter. The purpose of this is to expand upon our mission to help young people of color access jobs, build wealth, and become civically engaged. In this newsletter, I will share my personal perspectives and thoughts about how we can empower young people to understand their political power and how to use that power to shift political will and ultimately impact change.

Subject matters will include:

  1. Civic Engagement
  2. Economic Inclusion & Development
  3. Workforce Development

We must do better at enabling the youth on Long Island, and elsewhere, to realize their own potential and become actively involved in changing the realities around them. Are our youth ready to take on the role and responsibilities of a majority population? Or are we just selling them a dream without giving them the necessary skills they’ll need to lead this change? Despite the recent turnout with marches, we still don’t see their effective participation and involvement in democracy.

It is clear, the need of the hour, right now, is to have more young people getting involved in the functioning of this democracy and if they are to be the next generation of change-makers, the time is now to give them the skills for it.

I am looking forward to these weekly talking points with you all. My commitment is to send a weekly note every Sunday at 9pm est. Please feel free to respond with thoughts and suggestions, I am very open to further dialogue. Also, if there is any topic within our subject matter that you would like me to speak on or research please feel free to let me know.

Thank you always for your time and consideration. May your week ahead be blessed and busy 🙂

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