Our Purpose

On Long Island and across the world, the minority is becoming the new majority. The rapid growth of the minority population on Long Island shows no signs of slowing down. Yet, minority populations are underfunded and underrepresented.

This will require leaders to expand their perspectives and fully understand both the internal and external forces that shape communities of color.

Minority Millennials, Inc. is a fast growing 501-C(3) Founded in 2017, as a tool to Bridge the Gap Between Policy & Culture. Minority Millennials have been touted as leaders in dismantling negative narratives surrounding minority communities and driving equitable development through public-private  partnerships with local government, businesses, and communities.

Mission Statement:

We help Young People of Color access jobs, build wealth and become civically engaged.

Our Mission:

We accomplish this mission by developing and strengthening our region’s diverse talent with the resources they need to understand how to influence meaningful change and exposing them to various industries and sectors, granting them access to business and community leaders, and providing them with unparalleled relationship-building opportunities to launch their professional careers to effectively address complex challenges within their neighborhoods.

Members benefit from our public-private partnerships with local government, businesses, and community leaders. By initiating research, data gathering, polling, and on the demographics, economies, employment, education, housing, and transportation of our members, we effectively rebuild policies and programs that will bring additional equity to our communities.

Our Vision

We aim to become the nation’s leading resource for emerging generations of color as they seek equity in social, political, and economic developments.