Civic Engagement

We firmly believe that the fundamental piece to equitable development is ensuring young people of color are educated about the value of Civic Engagement. Once a person understands their role in society and how powerful their voice is within a larger democracy, their leverage of power shifts. It is understood that access does not equate power, therefore the millennial and gen z generation must not strive for access but political will to deliver equity.

Workforce Development

We have built a bridge to the most highly skilled diverse talent on Long Island through grassroots advocacy. We provide members education, tools, and access to wealth and career creation to end the cycle of inequity. We have been able to provide personal, ongoing and skill-based job training for minority millennials & gen z. We also partner with some of the fastest-growing and most exciting employers, who realize the value that Black and Brown talent pools offer our economy. Our team works with dozens of Fortune 500 organizations and small businesses, identifying their hiring needs and helping them hire more Black and Brown leaders. Our holistic development strategy promotes a workforce that is both trained and employable.

Economic Development

A healthy community needs more than a healthy economy: it needs empowered citizens. We are able to foster and nurture the ideas of our demographic and help them access capital or investment to further build and start a business. We also develop targeted initiatives that promote equitable economic policy and financial literacy with an “Economic Freedom” course that helps Black & Brown millennials on Long Island build new generational wealth and close deep-rooted racial wealth gaps by providing foundational tools to develop economic freedom from financial oppression.